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  • Phase Change Energy Storage

    At Phase Change Energy Solutions we offer a range of thermal energy storage products for buildings that reduce energy consumption, shift peak demand and enhance occupant comfort.  More information is available in our products and applications sections. Read More
  • Smart Thermal Mass

    BioPCMat products reduce cooling loads by absorbing daytime heat (cooling) and recycling it to nighttime (heating). BioPCM smart thermal mass provides thermal energy storage at the source of the load that allows you to recycle energy and save money by reducing temperature swings to passively control the comfort of your structure.  Read More
  • Zero Energy Cooling

    Laboratories typically involve more cooling capacity and energy use than other buildings due to equipment loads and airflow requirements. The U of W molecular engineering lab went above and beyond Labs 21 standards by completely removing the cooling system from its design. BioPCM used as zonal thermal energy storage, charged by natural ventilation made this ground breaking design possible.   Read More
  • Innovate Your Design

    Our materials melt and thaw at your desired temperature, gaining, storing and releasing energy in the thermophysical process.  How will you design with thermal energy to cause our materials to change phase? What design awards will you win? Read More
  • Advanced Thermal Energy Storage

    Our advanced thermal energy storage materials are nano engineered to change between solid and liquid phases optimally for each of our applications.  Read More
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"Our thermal energy storage solutions cycle daytime heat to night to reduce HVAC loads and enhance occupant comfort."

Reducing Heatload with BioPCmat

Plotted above is measured data from our factory roof during the summer. The data represented by the blue line shows the roof temperature without bioPCmat while the orange line shows the area with bioPCmat installed.  The roof with bioPCmat was 37.3 degrees cooler during peak hours in afternon. We were able to maintain a cooler temperature in the area controlled with bioPCmat during peak hours while maintaining a more stable overall temperature. The thermocouple data for the roof membrane shows that the bioPCmat reduced roof temperatures significantly and changed the emissivity of the surface. BioPCmat enhanced the roof increasing the building's comfort of the occupants while reducing the need for cooling, prolonging the life of the roof membrane and cooling down our solar panels allowing them to operate more efficiently. The bioPCmat was able to reduce HVAC loads, increase comfort, prolong the life of the roof membrane and save energy.